Got 300 Seconds?
Got 5 min, 300 seconds or 1/24th of an hour? Everyone has 5 minutes; even you. This skill will be the best time invested in your team and leadership, which will not cost you a dime. People want to feel connected to others, so why not the leader-team member relationship? Below are a few tips to start building the bonds with your direct reports. Build Relationships Leadership is about people and similar to sales; people follow leaders they trust and like. This can only happen when you [more]
Leadership Qualities from Shoe Shopping in the Snow
While visiting Dallas recently, I went to Neiman Marcus to get a pair shoes, which was a birthday gift from my husband. Well, as a shoe lover, this was the perfect gift. While I was expecting a great pair of shoes, the customer service I experienced demonstrated leadership lessons, five star service, and the teamwork. Dallas doesn't normally get snow but this has been a crazy winter! During our stay they were expecting a snowstorm and icy conditions. As matter fact we were lucky that our [more]
Leadership Character or Skill, which is greater?
The debate over which is more important—leadership skills or leadership character—continues. Which quality has a profound impact over one’s leadership? I’m always curious when someone believes the answer is skill, and also that they are usually very opinionated and ready to defend their answer. “Without the skill of leadership, things would not get done, visions would not be shared, plans would not be executed, and mentoring others would be useless.” I nod my head because thes[more]
Super Bowl Commercials and Leadership Lessons
Are you ready for the football game of the year? Excited to watch the Super Bowl commercials, as much as I am? Well, I’ll be watching for the leadership lessons in those Super Bowl Commercials. Yes, we can all learn something on leadership by watching those famous Super Bowl commercials.   Super Bowl Commercials are Memorable What managers, leaders or CEO’s do you have great embedded memories of? Look back on your life and think about the people who have impacted your life th[more]
Is Sameness Your Strategy?
With the new year in it's first few days, what have you done differently? Did you make mental notes in December of the goals you wanted for yourself? Goals for the new you in the new year? Maybe they sounded something like, "I'm gonna...." or "Jan first will be the day I....." or "I'm going to start...."   Here's what I know about goals and New Year's Resolutions: 47% are for self-improvement, 38% are weight related and 34% are about money. What resolutions did you make? Or have you giv[more]
  What's it going to take for next year to be better than this year? When will you finally be ready to knock those items off your To-Do list? Maybe you had a good year or your To-Do list is under control. Those who expect more from themselves, than others are constantly raising their bar. Where is your bar set at? This motivational leadership quote is about the starting line. It takes energy to go from zero to 60mph, whether it's the runner at the track, the driver in the front se[more]


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