What to do, when you need a change
Early in my career, I took a position in a prestigious teaching hospital. This opportunity allowed me to utilize many of my skills and grow in an educational setting. With being new, there were numerous other pressures to produce results and become a contributing member of the team. There were two decisions, I made during that time, that impacted both my personal and professional life, for the better. Do you feel frustrated with your career or business? Is the economy or finances adding to [more]
7 Ways Coaching Can Ignite Your Career
Ready for that next promotion or how to step up in your career? What if you could have your very own advisory panel to consult with? Having a coach in your corner, with you as their top priority might be what you're looking for. Coaching has been around for decades now. Originally, if you had a coach, that meant there was something wrong with you or your performance. Today, coaching can be a perk or part of your employment package. Whether your company or you hire one personally, having a[more]
6 Words to Describe Your Goal or Life Purpose
#6WordGoal   In 6 words of less, can you tell me a goal you have or your life's purpose? Go ahead, fill in the blank ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____. The other day, I was on twitter and there was this discussion that caught my interest, #6WordGoal. Here's the catch......You can only use 6 words to describe a goal or your life purpose.  How profound.   What is your life's purpose?   What are my six words? What words would you use? When I think back on my[more]
Human Resource State Conference #HRFL15
HRFL 2015 Slides Thank you for attending my session, on Role Modeling Leadership. Please enjoy these slides and feel free to contact me, if I can be of any assistance to you and your team. Download the slides from the link below the images. HRFL2015-Laurie Ann Murabito-role-model -leadership If you didn't get your copy of the ebook, click below Build Your Best Team-ebook [more]
Ever wish you could visit your doctor and get a prescription, for a pill, that would change your life? What if, that one pill, would improve your self-confidence, make you feel better about yourself, give you the strength, courage and tenacity to go after what you want? What would life be like if you had all of those things?   Well here's the dirty little secret..........EXERCISE. Yes, you heard it right, exercise has so many benefits that go beyond your physical health. Here[more]
Frustrated? 5 Simple Tips to Keep You Sane!
Frustrated at work or with your career, team, leadership's red tape or a new change you need your department to adopt? Ready to pull your hair out? Being frustrated at work or another part of your life is common. As a matter of fact, I believe frustration is a part of life. Below, I share a few tips to help get you back on track and maintain your sanity. Is this you? You're managing or leading a department. You feel like you're spinning your wheels and getting no whe[more]


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