Ever wish you could visit your doctor and get a prescription, for a pill, that would change your life? What if, that one pill, would improve your self-confidence, make you feel better about yourself, give you the strength, courage and tenacity to go after what you want? What would life be like if you had all of those things?   Well here's the dirty little secret..........EXERCISE. Yes, you heard it right, exercise has so many benefits that go beyond your physical health. Here[more]
Frustrated? 5 Simple Tips to Keep You Sane!
Frustrated at work or with your career, team, leadership's red tape or a new change you need your department to adopt? Ready to pull your hair out? Being frustrated at work or another part of your life is common. As a matter of fact, I believe frustration is a part of life. Below, I share a few tips to help get you back on track and maintain your sanity. Is this you? You're managing or leading a department. You feel like you're spinning your wheels and getting no whe[more]
3 Vacation Benefits, You Didn’t Know
Do you have a vacation planned this year with family or friends? How many days off have you taken this year? Vacation benefits go beyond just your health. Get ready, you'll want to schedule some time off. Did you know, 41% of Americans did not take any time off last year. Were you one of those? [more]
I get asked every day, "What can I do to help someone on my team with their leadership skills?" Save your money on any long drawn out leadership development program and apply these 4 easy things to do each and every day. These 4 things should be in your daily repertoire at all levels of your organization. [more]
Lessons from Bad Leadership
The other day I was thinking about the various managers or leaders I have worked with. I realized something profound: Leadership is a Curse. What on earth could I mean? These days, I speak and write about leadership. I am fortunate enough to work with some of the most amazing audiences and individual clients, who strive to be their very best each and every day.  But there is another side to leadership. This is the curse of great leadership.... Once you have the opportunity to [more]
Got Good Cake or Frosting?
Great Benefits Don't Make a Great Company   Recently, I overheard a Human Resources Associate bragging about her company's benefits and asking others, "What makes your company great?" I couldn't help but think about cake, and I wasn't hungry. If you judge your company or others by the list of benefits they offer, you are missing the most important part: the cake.   What Kind of Cake or Organizational Culture Do You Have?   The benefit package that employers off[more]


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