Effective Leadership Qualities
“Instead of waiting for a leader you can believe in, try this: Become a leader you can believe in.” —S. Slap   Frequently I’m asked: What are the qualities that make great leaders? What areas should I concentrate on to become an effective leader? What traits do the best leaders commonly have?   Well, here are my favorite traits and qualities that I have seen in the best examples of leadership. I believe these four traits must be in anyone who is leading others. If[more]
Gratitude Isn’t For The Weak
  At some point in our lives we all have been on the receiving end of someone expressing gratitude:  That was a great suggestion you made in the meeting today. Thank you for helping me, you always make time for others. I really appreciate you coming in early for that client today, you made them feel special.  Think back on how this made you feel; how much taller you sat up; the feelings and emotions that you were having while listening to someone express gratitude about [more]
When we receive bad service we hesitate to return, whether it's a restaurant, car dealer, insurance broker, banker or market.  Then why do people allow certain industries to get away with bad behavior or service. The same is true for healthcare providers, both medical and dental. Years ago, I was chasing my adorable young nephews and accidentally kicked a chair.  Advil and ice were administered right away.  Although, days later it was apparent this might be more than bruised or cracked.[more]
Did You Wash Your Hair?
Here’s a question for all my entrepreneurs, leadership teams, work-from-homers, solopreneurs, and those who work outside of an office: Do you ever think, “I’ll just sneak out to do this errand?” You throw on a baseball cap, and promise to not make eye contact with anyone. In other words: Do you ever leave the house looking less professional than you are, thinking it doesn’t make a difference? This Could Happen To Any Leader or Business Owner   Last weekend, when returning [more]
Richard Boyatzis and I both agree on EI Importance
What do the most successful leaders, sales people and inspiring personalities with and without a title all have in common? What if you could learn to become the type of person other want to follow and learn from? Richard Boyatzis and I both agree on a leader's ability to connect with their team and develop their Emotional Intelligence skills. [more]


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