Did You Wash Your Hair?
Here’s a question for all my entrepreneurs, leadership teams, work-from-homers, solopreneurs, and those who work outside of an office: Do you ever think, “I’ll just sneak out to do this errand?” You throw on a baseball cap, and promise to not make eye contact with anyone. In other words: Do you ever leave the house looking less professional than you are, thinking it doesn’t make a difference?   This Could Happen To Any Leader or Business Owner   Last weekend, when [more]
Richard Boyatzis and I both agree on EI Importance
What do the most successful leaders, sales people and inspiring personalities with and without a title all have in common? What if you could learn to become the type of person other want to follow and learn from? Richard Boyatzis and I both agree on a leader's ability to connect with their team and develop their Emotional Intelligence skills. [more]
Leadership Lesson: It’s About The People
Business students for years will be studying the Market Basket events of 2014 for years to come. The leadership and organizational lessons are endless. What did you learn? How will you change your approach to leadership and how your people are treated? [more]
How I Gave My First Speech…….In Japan
What would you answer when asked to do something out of your comfort zone? Would you say yes or let me think about it. Here is the gift I received from saying yes...... [more]
Leadership Roadblocks to Avoid
Every day is a blank slate, ready to be molded and crafted. Each leader has the best of intentions to lead in a way that is inspiring and produces top-of-the-line results. Results that would make the CEO proud to have put you in charge. But each day, as you settle into your desk with that morning cup of coffee from the corner cafe, things can quickly turn upside down. [more]


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