Change Your Thoughts – Change Your Life
This past weekend, I was part of the crew that helped at the Tony Robbins's Unleash The Power Within (UPW), in West Palm Beach, Florida. I was one of nearly 300 people, who assisted to help the participants have a life changing weekend. In 2009, I attended my life changing weekend in New Jersey. Here is some of what I was reminded of this weekend, as part of the crew that helped the participants.  1. Hang around with like minded people Our world is filled with negativity. Think [more]
Who sits at your table?
Who do you turn to for advice and ideas? Every successful leader has a trusted advisory team. Here's why you need one. [more]
Productivity? How to get more done!
Tired of that growing to do list? Here are a few epic tips to really get it done this time! Laurie-Ann Murabito, leadership and influence speaker and author. [more] and I are Besties
This little cartoon may look sweet and cute, but let me assure you he's smart and a multitasker. Some time ago, I heard of this and thought, "Great another social media management system." I'm sure it's like all the rest......alot of work!! As a solo business woman running her own practice, I don't really want to spend time scheduling and planning my social media or analyzing the various analytics.  6 months ago, I was listening to a podcast, and the hosts mentions Meet E[more]
Your Personal Image: What are you saying to the world?
You are sending a message to the world when you speak and the way you dress. What message are you sending? [more]
Fuel for the Body… Fast Food?
The other night, I did what I normally do in the evening before going to sleep. I retreated to my bedroom, lap top and a bottle of water in hand. I threw on the TV and found a TV program that I enjoy watching. Tonight Criminal Minds wins. Depending on the night, it could be CSI or Law & Order. I enjoy watching the investigation unfold along with the psychology of the crimes and the criminals that are responsible. It’s all make believe, right? This night was like many other nights before[more]


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