I get asked every day, "What can I do to help someone on my team with their leadership skills?" Save your money on any long drawn out leadership development program and apply these 4 easy things to do each and every day. These 4 things should be in your daily repertoire at all levels of your organization. [more]
Lessons from Bad Leadership
The other day I was thinking about the various managers or leaders I have worked with. I realized something profound: Leadership is a Curse. What on earth could I mean? These days, I speak and write about leadership. I am fortunate enough to work with some of the most amazing audiences and individual clients, who strive to be their very best each and every day.  But there is another side to leadership. This is the curse of great leadership.... Once you have the opportunity to [more]
Got Good Cake or Frosting?
Great Benefits Don't Make a Great Company   Recently, I overheard a Human Resources Associate bragging about her company's benefits and asking others, "What makes your company great?" I couldn't help but think about cake, and I wasn't hungry. If you judge your company or others by the list of benefits they offer, you are missing the most important part: the cake.   What Kind of Cake or Organizational Culture Do You Have?   The benefit package that employers off[more]
Women Leaders – A Women’s Perspective on Leadership
A Tribute to Women Leaders Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms out there. If you do not have children, trust me, if you follow this blog, you are a women who influences others. Most women do not know the extent of their influence. I believe they get stuck in thinking about what they are not doing well, the negatives. Please read this post with open eyes and realize the number of people you touch every single day. Women leaders today have come a long way. It was not that long ago, that [more]
3 Things Your Employees Wish You Knew
Let's be honest. Some Managers and leaders get so much accomplished daily and weekly, it's envious. You are constantly, being asked to do more with less. Increase productivity while decreasing costs. Wall Street has been pressuring publicly traded companies for years, which has turned into the norm for all. They only focus on the numbers and forget about the people who make up the company.  The secret to productivity is engagement. How do you get your team more engaged with their work? [more]
Got 300 Seconds?
Got 5 min, 300 seconds or 1/24th of an hour? Everyone has 5 minutes; even you. This skill will be the best time invested in your team and leadership, which will not cost you a dime. People want to feel connected to others, so why not the leader-team member relationship? Below are a few tips to start building the bonds with your direct reports. Build Relationships Leadership is about people and similar to sales; people follow leaders they trust and like. This can only happen when you [more]


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