Your Personal Image: What are you saying to the world?
You are sending a message to the world when you speak and the way you dress. What message are you sending? [more]
Fuel for the Body… Fast Food?
The other night, I did what I normally do in the evening before going to sleep. I retreated to my bedroom, lap top and a bottle of water in hand. I threw on the TV and found a TV program that I enjoy watching. Tonight Criminal Minds wins. Depending on the night, it could be CSI or Law & Order. I enjoy watching the investigation unfold along with the psychology of the crimes and the criminals that are responsible. It’s all make believe, right? This night was like many other nights before[more]
24 Things to Do & Learn in the New Year
Here is a list of 24 things to learn and do in the new year. Laugh more at yourself and at life in general. Drink plenty of water and eat more unprocessed healthy food. Smile at others to let them know you appreciate who they are and their part of your day. Spend the first few minutes before finishing your day to plan the next day's success. Send more hand written notes. Learn to celebrate your success. Dare to dream, but then multiply it by three and GO FOR IT! [more]
5 Secrets to NOT Dread the Holiday Season
The holidays bring many people comfort and joy. But for others, this time of the year can be anything but festive. This year, instead of dreading the holidays, why not do something different and enjoy this magical time of the year. Below, I'll share 5 tips that I share with the clients I personally coach to help them through the season. (I personally do these myself!)    Holiday De-Stress Secret 1: Keep Your Health A Priority   75% of annual weight gain takes place during [more]
What to do, when you need a change
Early in my career, I took a position in a prestigious teaching hospital. This opportunity allowed me to utilize many of my skills and grow in an educational setting. With being new, there were numerous other pressures to produce results and become a contributing member of the team. There were two decisions, I made during that time, that impacted both my personal and professional life, for the better. Do you feel frustrated with your career or business? Is the economy or finances adding to [more]
7 Ways Coaching Can Ignite Your Career
Ready for that next promotion or how to step up in your career? What if you could have your very own advisory panel to consult with? Having a coach in your corner, with you as their top priority might be what you're looking for. Coaching has been around for decades now. Originally, if you had a coach, that meant there was something wrong with you or your performance. Today, coaching can be a perk or part of your employment package. Whether your company or you hire one personally, having a[more]


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